Alternative Funds

We have over 30 years of experience in the fund industry spanning strategies as diverse as hard assets (such as real estate, equipment), distressed and macro. We’ve launched funds and tended them through good times of growth and challenging times of regulator exams and troubled investments. Learn more

Early Stage

Early stage ventures are full of unknowns. We bring clarity to the value of our legal services, transparency to our process and certainty to your fees. Learn more

Corporate Finance

Many firms have the expertise to advise their business clients on most matters that arise between forming a business and selling it. And so do we. However, our background as in-house counsel gives us a distinctive, critical perspective that defines our mission. In brief, we view our job as helping our clients to achieve their business objectives efficiently and predictably, both in time and money. Learn more

Project Management

Managing large or complex legal projects is hard. Experienced generals counsel struggle to get clarity from their outside lawyers on even basic items such as timing, cost, deliverables and staffing. And for lay clients who only rarely engage in a major transaction or financing, the process can be overwhelming. Avenir Law can help. For over 25 years we have been managing major legal projects taking them from counsel selection to closing. Learn more

Distressed / Crisis

If you are an alternative, mezzanine, real estate or private equity investor long enough, it may arise that one of your investments becomes distressed. We have been advising investors in these asset classes long enough to have assisted in numerous restructurings, work-outs and, with the collaboration of bankruptcy counsel, Chapter 11 and 7 filings. Learn more

Fixed Fees

Avenir Law’s fixed fees are the natural outcome of how we organize our work, how we are organized as a firm, the extremely low overhead in which we operate and our profit expectations. Learn more